Artist Statement

Trees, which existed with the creation of the universe, are one of the most important miraculous elements of nature. The tree, which has an important place in human life, has a connection with creation myths. Throughout history, the tree has been attributed to mythological meanings with its roots descending meters deep into the earth and its strong connection establishing between the earth and the sky as its branches rise to the sky. However, human beings have always tried to take advantage of its physical presence. Being a source of oxygen, embracing many living beings as a home, distributing food and healing with various fruits, being used in many areas of industry, and of course, the trees we take shelter under in hot weather have always drawn people around. From the cradle to the grave, man existed with the tree. In the light of these thoughts, the artist has turned to the tree theme. In addition, the artist sees the physical structure of the tree and the composition it creates within itself as a wonder of creation. Its ever-changing physical structure such as blooming, shedding leaves and growing with numerous species influences the artist. 

Seyhan Yılmaz reveals her works based on the strong composition of the tree, with its strong trunk structure and its branches reaching in harmony with varying rhythms from thick to thin. Yılmaz especially applies the openwork technique in her works in a unique way to show the rhythm between the branches. The artist generally uses white as the main color in her works and takes care to emphasize the shadow factor in her works with the effect of white color. On the other hand, Yılmaz argues that the white color also represents the pure, clean and innocent side of nature. The artist states that she will continue to build her trees on different concepts in her adventure that she set out with soil material.

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